Centre Pivots

Extra Strong - Ultra Durable

BAUER Centerstar System 5000 center pivots are built strong and durable for long term reliability. Fully hot dip galvanized to European standards for reduced corrosion and long life.

Centerstar's are available as fixed center pivots with both full circle and part circle operation. Also available as a towable center pivot for multiple locations.

Three different control panel options are available as well as SmartRain mobile high-tech irrigation management with monitoring and control of irrigation operations by smartphone, tablet or PC.

VRI - Variable Rate Irrigation is also available for precise water distribution as well as water and energy conservation with simple programming.

BAUER Centerstar centre pivots have a precise and reliable alignment control system mounted directly above the swivel point of the flexible joints. This precise drive tower control system leads to high operating safety and long service life.

Centerstar's have excellent stability due to a sturdy centre tower structure with broad support leg spacing's. Drive towers have a wide wheel base for good stability in high winds and an 'A' frame structure for high strength.

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