K Line Kwik Shifter

The K Line Kwik Shifter was developed by Kirk Irrigation to provide better efficiency in the shifting of K Line irrigation Systems. A device towed behind an ATV or other vehicle, the Kwik Shifter is designed to pick up the ends of K Lines without the need to stop or dismount the towing vehicle.

Each K Line is fitted with a brightly coloured plastic ball attached to a short tow rope. As the Kwik Shifter passes over the ball it latches on allowing the shifting of the K Line to commence. On the completion of the shift the ball is released from the Kwik Shifter by pulling on a release rope, again without the need to dismount or stop the towing vehicle.

An added advantage of the Kwik Shifter is a hook attachment which allows the moving and adjustment of the feed line without the need to dismount the towing vehicle.

Features - 

Safer: Towing is from the towing vehicle draw bar.

Quicker: Shifting can be done without stopping. Pick up and drop off at speeds of up to 20kmh.

Less effort: Feed lines can be adjusted without manhandling.

Versatile: The Kwik Shifter can be towed behind an ATV, Ute or other suitable vehicle.

Minimum set up: Existing K Line systems are easily modified to suit the Kwik Shifter simply by adding a towing ball and rope to the end of each individual K Line.