Hard Hose Guns

High Quality - Top Performance

BAUER Rainstar Hard Hose irrigators, with custom-designed equipment variations, offer the perfect match for your operating needs. Exceptional engineering coupled with a performance guarantee ensures that your investment in irrigation is well justified.

Steelwork is hot galvanised to ensure durable corrosion protection. BAUER manufacture all components including the gearbox, turbine and polyethylene hose in house to ensure that rigid quality requirements are met at all times. Each gearbox and turbine is fully tested in the factory to stringent standards in excess of normal operational conditions.

BAUER Rainstar hard hose guns are fitted with innovative radial full-flow turbines with variable nozzle technology. The water stream is conducted directly onto the impeller, ensuring highest efficiency at minimal pressure loss. Since the turbine is mounted directly on the reel shaft, no pressure is lost by water stream deflection. Energy is saved through extremely low pressure losses, particularly with low water application rates.

Rainstar's are available with hose sizes ranging from 40mm to 140mm and hose lengths ranging from 100m to 650m. Spray booms are also available with strip widths of up to 72m.

Over 30,000 Rainstar's manufactured and shipped world wide.

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