Slurry Tankers

Kirk Irrigation can supply BAUER slurry tankers in a range of sizes ranging from 2,100 litres to 16,000 litres. Tankers are fully hot dip galvanized to provide long service life and maximum value.

Tankers are available in both vacuum or pump configurations and also as a combination vacuum and pump combi tanker.

Numerous options and accessories are available including the following:

  ·  Single or tandem axles
  ·  Hydraulic or air breaks
  ·  Automatic suction booms
  ·  Turbo filler
  ·   Rear and side spreaders
  ·   Spray booms
  ·   Hose applicators
  ·   Slurry injectors

 Long Service Life - High Value Stability

Click on the link below to download a free brochure
Bauer Slurry Tanker Brochure